If you want to be able to toast up to 4 slices of bread at one time, but have tiny counter space, you’ll want to check out this inexpensive 2-slot model from Hamilton Beach toaster . The slots are designed with more extent and width to fit 4 slices of bread, bagel halves or English muffins side by side.
You won’t get the twin control panels that more expensive 4 slice toasters offer, but the seven-position dial gives you plenty of toasting controls. What makes this model sparkle is the ‘keep warm’ setting when you get distracted cooking something or forget to grab the bread just when it’s hot and ready, choosing that spot to allow you to reheat your toast for an additional three minutes without burning or drying out.
It also features a toggle lift to help you scoop toast out of the slots, a cable wrap under the base, and a three-beep notification to signal the top of each toasting cycle. Some critics don’t like that can’t turn the beef off, but if you regularly ditch your toast, you would possibly appreciate the added reminder.