I'm keen to get more veg into my diet but Iím a bad/lazy cook so want to do it the easy way (with purees and soups). In the past I bought a juicer for rather occasional juicing, so I believe it's collecting dust at my parent's house. Blender should be much more functional, at least that's what I've said to myself recently...

I know there's quite a bit of difference when it comes to juicers, and there are different ones depending on what you're planning to juice. But as for blenders, well, that's a terra incognita for me. Ofc, I had a look at some reviewers such as this one first, before coming here, but it seems to me that most of the sources are only reviewing blenders as smoothie makers primarily. Since smoothies are not my top priority, I'm asking for any recommendations and/or guides. I am quite sure Vitamix is a fine product, just very very expensive, so I'm looking for some good alternatives.

Extra points for models that allows you to cook hot liquids. Yes, I know it's not recommended use hot stuff inside the blender, but I'm planning to do so with only small batches of sauce.

So thanks in advance!