I'm looking for the recipe that my family used to make when I was a kid. We called them Tough Cakes. They were a molasses cookie that was rolled out and cut into large circles (4 - 4.5"). Tough was an appropriate description because they were. The best comparison I can make is if you could take a molasses cookie and turn it into jerky! You had tear-off each bite. They were beyond what most cookie recipes call "chewy". They weren't crisp. They weren't iced or topped with sugar.

This part may or may not be right - they may have been from my father's childhood (born 1914). He grew up in the mountains of Virginia. I know he found the recipe we used. I can't remember if he was looking for it because of them being from his childhood or if he just ran across it and liked it. My best guess is that they were from his childhood.

Thanks in advance for any help!