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Thread: Don't You Folks Ever Fire Up Da ole Pit??

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    Don't You Folks Ever Fire Up Da ole Pit??

    For such a huge foody forum I gotta admit there is a strange lack of BBQ Posts. So hoping to change that in honor of summer and all here's what we did on the spur of the moment today:
    Shucks!! I tried loading a picture attaching a url and loading a file to no avail. Until I figure out the problem the pictures and story are here:


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    Hard to be inspired when there is just two of us on a veggie diet and bbq is at the opposite end of the house from the kitchen. Summer is short up here in the great white north. I know several people that do BBQ all winter. Last year the snow was higher than the bbq!...... and iced in at that.

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    We are more about putting dishes together with ingredients and not just for the grill. We have a thread esp for grilling, though. Sigh... today there is a sprinkling of rain and not a good day for it.

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    Interesting, Capt.; I had an in-depth conversation this morning with Sister about why i don't care for gas grilling, and, MOST assuredly don't want her to bring one home!

    I grew up with a big old barbeque piece of equipment based on an old bedstead. Thing was huge! Made in the '40's, maybe.... Anyhow, it was so equipped that the cooking surface (steel mesh like yours, Capt.,) could be hauled up or down closer to the fire. We used wood sometimes for a big fire, or charcoal for a small one.

    So, that's my bbq child-hood. Nowadays, living in very southern AZ, we have cut down a lot of mesquite trees, and several fruit trees. So when we fire up the fire pit we always wood, usually start with mesquite then add fruit. The mesquite makes a lot of black soot; the fruit is lovely. If using the Webber kettle, it's usually charcoal. (Cause I'm not doing that cooking)

    Don't want no dang fancy-pants gas grill! (Food just lacks character....) Might as well cook in the house, on the gas stove. Smoke the kitchen up good!

    Ok, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!!

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    We use ours all the time! It's on our deck off the kitchen/family room so it's really convenient. Have to admit, it's gas, but, we do have a charcoal hibachi we use on the hearth in the Winter. We love grilled foods.

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