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Thread: oven thermometer

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    oven thermometer

    Can anyone recommend a good oven thermometer?

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    Polder got a good review from Cooks Illustrated, but several folks commented that theirs had not lasted long before breaking. One recommended CDN as a good brand that's in the same lower price range as the Polder. I've been promising myself one someday, but haven't explored sources and availability yet.

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    I see lots of cooks now using an infrared thermometer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarenB View Post
    I see lots of cooks now using an infrared thermometer.
    I have a stand up type that also hangs from the rack, dont know the name. And I also have an infrared thermometer that I use to double check it (never exactly the same). I also use the infrared to check the quality of wood pellets, when the pellet stove chimney needs cleaning and I used it to trouble shoot my refrigerator problem. Lori uses it to go around the house finding places where the cold air comes in the house in the winter so I can address it. Gotta love those Honey-do lists!

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    Hey, Rob - You've got a smart Woman there!

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    Yeah, she usually keeps me pretty busy. She is very frugal.

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    Cooper-Atkins Oven Thermometer is very nice. I have good outdoor kitchen where I use to cook for my family on holidays. For security purpose I got generator from generator service in NJ.

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