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Thread: Toaster oven

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    Toaster oven

    I just bought a new Oster countertop toaster oven. It is much bigger than the Black and Decker one that I have had for years. I was just wondering if anyone has this brand and if so how they like it. I have the Oster Bread Machine and it has great so I figured this would be good to. It was on sale this week and I was needing a new one so I just got it.

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    dont have a toaster oven

    but I did have the lil oscar food processor, lasted me15 years, I burnt the motor out poor thing.

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    I once had the Oster Kitchen Center, which was 5 appliances in one. This was in the late '70s though.

    I am the King of Kitchen Toys!!!!!!

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    I also use oster toaster ovens, they are really goood.

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