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Please do not post links to external web sites which run advertisements. Permissible forms of links to external sites are sites that end in ".edu", ".gov" or to, our sister site. Links to some sites that do not run advertising, such as are also acceptable for posting here.

Please remember that maintaining and verifying external links over a span of years (we have been here since 1995) is time consuming and next to impossible. If you have information you would like to share, post it here in your own words rather than linking to another web site.

Do not advertise your own website, product or service on except in the moderated "Advertisement" forum.

The purpose of this forum is to promote conversations about food and cooking. Please do not point visitors to competing forums or websites - this is considered a form of advertising. Our competitors and many advertisers pay their employees to come here and SPAM about their products and websites.

These types of posts do not contribute to quality of content and such posts will be deleted. Users of accounts with frequently posted links to commercial or self-promoting concerns will be flagged for deletion as spammers.

Thank You for your understanding.

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