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If you have read my intro, you know I’m a widow and recently purchased a Food Saver Vacuum System. This thing is amazing!! I probably use it every day, for something or other. Case in point……made some Banana Bread and Applesauce Bread this past weekend. After they were cool enough to “man-handle”, I sliced them up, in a single serving size, laid them on a parchment lined sheet pan, and stuck them in the freezer. Pre-freezing everything is very important. Baked goods especially. It helps them keep their shape. Now, I have both in the freezer, and all I have to do is take them out and enjoy.
Another thing I found works well, at least for me, are waffles. I made a full batch on my George Foreman, and now I can have waffles when I want them, without the trouble of actually making them. Heat ’em up in either the toaster, toaster oven or even nuke them for a few sec.
Trust me folks, I really don’t work for them. Just really like the product. So much, I bought my daughter one. She called today and said she had run out of bags, again. Love it, when I buy something for someone, and it doesn’t end up sitting on a shelf, collecting dust.
Well, I hope if any of you are up in the air about getting one, I hope this might have answered a few of the questions, you might have had. It pretty much can vac/seal anything you want it to…….even non food items.
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  1. Shemya Chef's Avatar
    'm sorry to hear the widow part of your
    post, cooking for one can be hard. Sounds like you
    found away to still cook a full batch of something's you like and then portion them down for your use.
    Shemya Cef