Bon Jour!

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I took basic Spanish in High School Ė too many years ago to remember much and 2 years in Korea didnít teach me much Ė they all wanted to speak English. When it comes to French, I know like 7 words/phrases all the basic ones, most everybody knows. Bon Jour, Au Revoir, Deja Vu, Oh La La. Bon Appetit goes well with French Onion Soup. Well, my friends, Iím going to dazzle you with one: Crepes ala Confiture. Sounds super fancy and super hard to make, doesnít it? Thanks to Felice, a cooking friend from mine, I have found a super easy crepe recipe. Nice thing is, it only makes 1 large crepe. Ingredients are all easy to double or triple. Havenít made them yet, but they are on the menu for this weekend.
Felice says they freeze well, so maybe, Iíll make a double batch and vac/seal. Already have my fillings planned. Some yogurt with blueberry sauce.
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