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    I'm the food editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press and looking for people who have some thoughts on appetizers. What works and doesn't work for them. Thanks!

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    Oh my goodness girlfriend, you have just opened the flood gates of "Foodiedom" here.
    For starters; chicken satay or varios chicken on a stick combonations, teriyaki, Buffalo hot wings style, BBQ, or sesame and green onion. The same can be done with shrimp. Or veggies on a stick, grilled or oven roasted with fresh herbs and olive ooil and fig vinegar or Balslmic vinegar. Gougeres (in a ring or bite-size stuffed with sauteed peppers and onions or rotissere chicken salad or roasted red pepper cream cheese. Another thing that comes to mind is hulomi on croustade melted just warm under the broiler, Brie and phyllo parcels. Maybe cherry tomatoes stuffed with Kashi salad or egg salad. Wrap pears or melon with Proscuitto and a nice piece of cheese. Baked Olive medley with fresh herbs. Stuff cherry tomatoes with a small piece of Whole Fat Fresh Mozzarella and a Basil leaf and drizzle with good olive oil and fresh cracked black pepper. The list goes on. Do you want fresh or semi-homemade? Frozen or heat and serve. Something the single person can make to bring to the table. Vegetarian, Vegan or carnivor?
    Have fun.
    Mrs S

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    stick to the classics. deviled eggs, triscits with a slice of tomato and some cheese melted on it, etc. stuff that makes you feel at home.

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    I agree, theres a reason they are called classics....

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    I saw in an older MARY JANES FARM magazine an article about Muffin Tin Meals. There were some cool recipes like Coconut Curry Shrimp cups and Creamy Artichoke and Kale cups, but the possibilities are endless and easy to adapt to an appetizer. Crusts ranged form Fillo Dough to Spelt Tortillas.

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