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Thread: Carving Steamboat Beef Round

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    Carving Steamboat Beef Round

    Any site on the internet to show how-to carve a large 35# Steamboat Round?

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    Carving Steamboat Beef Round

    Is this cooked or uncooked?
    The round is made of several different muscles as it is the hind quarter of the beast. The recognizable cuts would be: Top round, eye of round, bottom round, knuckle or tip and outside round.
    If you don't have a butcher that can cut these portions out for you then... I will continue to look for a web site as this is tricky. Do you have any meat fabrication experience or are you a home cook?
    Last year our instructor got a steamship round in for the class to cut but she did most of the cuts and we finished them for class.

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