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Thread: Milk or Water in Scrambled Eggs

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    Milk or Water in Scrambled Eggs

    Can someone tell me if it is better to use milk or water in the making of scrambled eggs. I am having a discussing with someone else about this. I have always used milk, even though it sometimes seeps out after being plated. They say the milk also makes the eggs hard. Someone who is in the know please help....~smile~

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    Milk or Water in Scrambled Eggs


    I have to make these all the time and saw your request. use water. milk seperates the eggs while cooking and leaves a bland taste of scorched milk. (to me anyways)
    I have always used water in making omelets, scrambled eggs and etc. the only time I use milk with eggs is when Im making a french toast batter or in a recipe calling for them.

    hope this helps


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    Milk or Water in Scrambled Eggs

    i agree water is the best way to go milk makes the eggs dence and heavy also i have started to do my scrambled eggs in the microwave it takes 2 mins and boy are they fluffy and and very nice colour yellow. but using water.

    Ontario, Canada

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