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Thread: Substitution for sherry

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    Substitution for sherry

    Can I substitute brandy for sherry in a recipe for shrimp?

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    Substitution for sherry

    As long as this is America and NOT Provedenya,you can do anything you want to!Additionally,you could go a bit further off the scale and try Kikkoman Kotterin Mirin Sweet Cooking Seasoning.It has a fabulous "sherry-ness" about it....

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    substitution for sherry

    I bet the brandy worked just fine.

    As a substitute for sweet ("oloroso") sherry, one could use port wine or Marsala, both of which are sweetened.

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    What a great link, thank you! So many I hadn't thought of before....

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    If I needed a substitute for a sweet sherry, brandy might do well. So would a sweet white wine. The taste wouldn't be the same, but unless you're trying to make an "authentic" recipe of some kind, who CARES, as long as it tastes good, right?

    If the sherry called for is dry sherry, brandy would not be a good substitute. I think a dry white wine would do better. If the recipe is oriental, try using rice wine.

    But some recipes call for sherry, and ONLY sherry will do, such as in a Shrimp or Lobster Newburg. It is the sherry alone which makes the Newburg sauce what it IS.

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