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Thread: Worst birthday ever

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    Worst birthday ever

    Hello all,
    I have a kid who is 2 years old who loves cake. I didn't have any experience in preparing cake, but still I got a recipe from my friend and decided to prepare birthday cake for my kid. My first 2 attempts were disasters and the third one was not the best, but it was better than the first two tries. At last I prepared fruit cake for my kid's birthday. Early morning I took the cake out of the fridge and I placed it on the table for further decoration. My kid loves strawberry, so I went out to my garden to pluck few fresh strawberries. I heard something running, and I thought that it would be our cat. Suddenly I heard some noise in my kitchen and I rushed to see what's happening. I was really heart broken because the birthday cake which I made for my kid was half eaten and spoiled by a raccoon. The raccoon started running around my kitchen searching for an exit when I entered. My whole kitchen was destroyed and I had to buy another cake from market for my kid. I was really worried, because my kid didn't even taste the cake which I prepared.
    The next day the same raccoon came in search of food in our kitchen. I thought that this'll become a menace if it starts visiting the kitchen regularly. So I soon called raccoon removal service and they set a trap in our kitchen. The next day it got caught and they took it with them. Recently I again prepared fruit cake and gave to my kid. He just loved it. But still I would've been really happy if I was able to save the cake from the raccoon on his birthday. Anyway, I am waiting for his next birthday.

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    Why wait? Do it today. There's no time like the present. Any day can be a celebration.

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    Yeah brigid, but I prepared the fruit thrice this month. If I prepare the same cake in his next birthday, he may get bored. Do you know any new cake recipe which is easy to make?? It will be really helpful for me.

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    Look up the recipe for Dump cake or Clutch cake. Open a can of fruit mix with cake mix and bake.

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    KATHY721--the child is only two years old, he won't remember it. Bake anything you want and the child will be thrilled!

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