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Thread: Should I keep going?

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    Should I keep going?

    Hey all! I'm a baker and I bake cakes and cookies. I've even started it off as a small business. I get my orders from friends and family and bake the cakes and cookies at home. But, I accept that I'm a bit too lavish on the ingredients. I make sure I don't miss out any ingredients and I use the full and exact measurement as required. But currently, we are going under a huge financial crisis. My husband had a huge business loss and currently he is going under a debt consolidation process with this company, here in Ontario. They have however, assured that the debts will soon be cleared, but I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to continue my business even in this situation or not. I know, it is a good income option. But my husband has been funding me for it, and it's obvious that he won't be able to do it for a while? Should I stop my business for the time being? Or is there any way I could reduce my expense when baking? Please do advice me.
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    I know it has been awhile on your post I am a new member here and just read it my daughter is in the same business in butte Montana but she has a brick and mortar she is barely keeping her head above water I will tell you what I told her passion is something that you never question nor does it go away you make up your own mind but never live with regret!! You go girl!!

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