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Thread: Help! Divinity Candy Flop!

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    Low humidity is vital to making a successful batch of divinity. Such a divine candy! I know it is more easily accomplished with the use of a candy thermometer. They are cheap and can be easily found at the grocery store. And correct stirring. It is tricky, but well worth the effort. You must follow the instructions to the nth degree, though.

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    Mine did the same yesterday. Thanks for the refrigerator tip.

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    Use AC not heater

    I had an 82 year old who worked at a local candy factory in humid north east Texas teach me how to make candy about 2004. She said it has to be cold and went to my garage to stir the final product. Since then I have learned to use the air conditioner instead of heater because AC dehumidifies the room. My gas and wood burning heaters add moisture to the room. So I don't use them when making divinity and I turn the central heater down to the 60's. So that much I learned works. But, my current issue is that mine turned out dry. It has been a while since I made it and I can't remember what she told me about that. If anyone knows I'd appreciate a reminder. I think I stirred too much.

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