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Thread: Old fashioned strawberry Jello ice box pie

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    Old fashioned strawberry Jello ice box pie

    I'm really hoping someone out there can help me!! My mother's recipes have been lost (by my sister!) and I've managed to locate or recreate most of them. One is eluding me.....her strawberry ice box pie. It was delicious, light, foamy -- summer on a plate! I've found a few that were similar, but not quite right. It had strawberry Jello, either Cool Whip or condensed milk (not sure which) and maybe pineapple juice. No cream cheese, no actual strawberries. It was in a graham cracker crust.

    I'm praying someone out there has come across or remembers something like this. Thanks!!

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    Hi bdianemay, Hope you are still checking in with us. If you go up to the top and type in strawberry jello pie, there are a few recipes there and one of them might be what you are looking for.

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    Go to the source.

    or contact kraft and ask for the archive recipe.

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