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Thread: lost ham potpie

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    lost ham potpie

    My mother made ham potpie and I don't know how she did it. I have no trouble with the end of it, making the potpies and cooking them. I don't know how she started. It seemed to be just onions, ham and broth. Of course it was salty but the wonderful odors; when she made it she had neighbors from two floors away in her apartment building clamoring for a bowl.
    How can I describe the smell to help figure out what she used? I don't think she used sugar but wouldn't put it past her. It was sharp but not in a bad way. More savory than sharp.

    Let's get this conversation started and I'll post the results; I plan on cooking this either tonight or this weekend.

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    I'm in lnclined toward English mustard for that sort of thing, but wondering whether your mum used lime marmalade.

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