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Thread: What's your all time favorite sandwich?

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    What's your all time favorite sandwich?

    I'm kinda sorta looking for ideas in this thread but, mine would be,

    Medium rare bacon, nice and chewy, over a freshly sliced tomato and an ice burg lettuce leaf on a hamburger bun. Oh, with tons of Miracle Whip on it oozing out the sides.
    If you've never had a BLT on a hamburger bun, you don't know what your missing. It's the only way I've ever eaten them.

    I'm also very partial to a sliced chicken breast with tomato and avacado with a lettuce leaf on it, too. And, of course, lots of Miracle Whip.

    What's yours?
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    A corned beef Reuben
    Piled inch high with corned beef, smothered with fresh sauerkraut, slathered with horseradish mustard on lightly toasted rye bread. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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    Cold thinly sliced brisket with Horseradish. I couldn't eat a sandwich with lettuce on it.

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    Whole grain bread smeared thickly with ripe avocado, thick sliced strong cheddar cheese (Tillamook) and thick bacon. Yum!

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    Marinated grilled chicken breast, topped with Cotswald cheddar, Black Diamond cheddar, smoked Gouda, brown sugared bacon, red onion, and tomato, served on a garlic buttered hard roll........omg.....

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    KK, this sounds so delicious! I think your sandwich sounds like the best of the best! Next to that I love BLT's!

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