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Thread: beef soup

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    beef soup

    Ihave a uncooked 2 rib (5 pounds) rib roast that I want to make soup of. any suggestions?

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    slow and low. use a slow cooker. use some red wine. It helps to tenderize it.

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    A five pound rib roast to make soup?!? Sounds almost sacreligeous and on my figures would make at least 14 gallons!! Even so, like the lovely Karen, I'd cook it really slowly with some red wine plus chicken stock and heaps of onions, then let it go cold so as to skim off excess fat you don't want. After that just start shovelling in the veges and sending out the invitations.

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    Sounds very nice indeed. I would add a little basil, garlic too. Tomatoes or no tomatoes, it will satisfy many appetites on the cold days ahead. Not cold in Australia, though, is it? Hahahah!

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