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    Red face Ham

    I want to cook with ham but don't have white potatoes. I have green vegetables but wonder about using sweet potatoes to cook with ham? Where can I get ideas for how to use ham meat?

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    This site has over 4.700 suggestions. just type ham recipes in the top search. I will often go to the products website. They want to you use their meat so they will provide the best recipes. Even if you google your question it will pop up many ideas. As for cooking the sweet potatoes with ham. I'd do it separate since they get real soft and don't hold their shape like a white potato. But as a complete to each other they are fantastic.

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    Sweet potatoes are fantastic with ham. I bake them in their jackets (put on a cookie sheet because they tend to ooze a sticky syrup) and then when soft and cooled, I scoop out the flesh and mash it with a little butter. Depending on the sweetness, I may add a sprinkle of brown sugar or a drizzle of maple syrup. Also, use left over ham for a spread. Put small pieces into a food processor or blender. Add mayo, relish, mustard, onion, parsley, whatever else you like and blend until it is a spread consistency. Great on toast, crackers, stuffing for celery stalks. If you thin it with a little sour cream, it is a good dip for crisp veggies.

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