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Thread: Clone of Vita Herring in Wine Sauce

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    Clone of Vita Herring in Wine Sauce

    This is sort of an arcane question.

    In craft beer brewing often brewers want to match (clone) a commercial beer. If you want a ‘clone’ of some beer there is usually a place that can offer several approaches.

    I am trying to get a pickled fish recipe that is a ‘clone’ of the recipe that the Vita folks use for their Herring in Wine Sauce
    (http://www.vitafoodproducts.com/p-20...ine-sauce.aspx )

    Vita’s product(for me) is what I call a heritage food – a food that has been part of family traditions and goes back decades and is usually associated with some celebrations like Christmas or New Years.

    I have tried several recipes for pickled fish. They have been OK but in terms of matching the Vita product they have been a failure – bitter (too much vinegar probably).

    Can anyone offer some suggestions or help?

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    Have you tried e-mailing vitafoodproducts to get an ingredient list? You never know; they might be receptice......

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    Don't need to ask all companies list there ingredients. Remember the largest portion comes first.


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    Herring recipe

    I have contacted the Vita folks -- not helpful would be charitable.

    Yes the ingredients are on the label but the ratios are not. Additionally there is no discussion of their process -- specifically the amount of sweetener to vinegar, etc.

    I was hoping to 'snare' another person that had an equivalent recipe as a starting point.

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