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Thread: flour frosting--can I use powdered sugar?

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    flour frosting--can I use powdered sugar?

    My red velvet cake recipe uses flour frosting and I LOVE it (Milk and flour thickened on the stove, whip butter and granulated sugar, add in milk and flour mixture, then add vanilla). I am wondering if you can substitute powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar since it is a little "grainy". If so, do I use the same amount? Every recipe I have seen for this frosting uses granulated sugar.

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    You might want to use a super fine sugar instead. also known as fruit sugar or quick dissolving or instant. It's half way between a granulated and iciing (powder).same amount.

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    Hmmm, never heard of flour frosting before. I now live in the south, (Arkansas), what a cultural shock, BTW, and have tried their chocolate gravy and it's horrible. It's made with flour and Hershey's cocoa powder.
    It tastes like someone ran out of cornstarch and subbed flour instead. YUK!!!

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