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Thread: Auguste Escoffier's "Fraises a la Sarah Bernhardt"

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    Red face Auguste Escoffier's "Fraises a la Sarah Bernhardt"

    Talk about desserts. I mean, the doc told me last October: "Lay off them there desserts." (He's Chinese from Malaysia and that's the way he talks.) Right out loud. Triglycerides and such. And I'm good. Damn good. But then I run across recipes like this and, well, we're not talking Baskin Robbins here. The quantities quoted may take you aback. They don't take me aback. I have no doubt at all I could eat the whole thing. Maybe ... next week. Or ... October, say. Before my next check-up.

    "Choose 3-4 pounds of fresh greenhouse strawberries and remove their stems. Put two-thirds of the nicest ones in an enameled tureen, sprinkle them with powdered sugar, add 5-6 glasses of Vielle Cure [Fronsac (Bordeaux) dessert wine - (I googled it)], and place the tureen on ice. Pass the rest of the strawberries through a fine sieve, mix 250 grams of sugar into the resulting puree, and add it to the rest of the strawberries. Separately, use preserves of pineapple to prepare a fruit pulp as follows: with one fork hold the pineapple in place, and with another fork tear the fruit into a pulp. Sprinkle with 250 grams of sugar and keep on ice. In advance, prepare 1 1/2 liters of vanilla ice cream and 3/4 liters of whipped cream Chantilly."

    "To serve: Take a crystal bowl of the necessary size, fill the bottom with vanilla ice cream, and place the whole strawberries on top. Mix the strawberry puree into the whipped cream Chantilly. Cover the strawberries with the pineapple pulp and then add the whipped cream a la fraise. The mixture of the last 2 ingredients should be such as to give the illusion of a beautiful sunset. Throw a lace of spun sugar over this delicious dessert to complete the presentation."

    From "Memories of My Life" by Auguste Escoffier (1997) Page 161.

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    So if you need dessert make it a quality not quantity choice. Chef Auguste must know his stuff.. he lived to be 88 and hung out with a guy by the name of Ritz. Tea at the Ritz anyone?

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