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Thread: Angel Food Candy

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    Unhappy Angel Food Candy

    I have attemped 5 times now to make angel food candy. I always turns out flat and very hard. I have tested my thermometer, all my ingredients are fresh. What am I doing wrong?

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    Have you ever made it before? From the recipe it looks like a poured candy sort of like a lollipop.

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    I have never seen a recipe for angel food candy. I thought it was probably something like divinity. Fluffy and light.

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    Will you post the recipe and technique you're using?

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    yes! Could you? It sounds that is could be very good.

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    I believe the lightness happens when the vinegar and baking soda meet each other. If you over stir it all the tiny air bubble will disappear and make your candy flat. Double check the age of your baking soda for freshness. Are you using a golden syrup.
    note. also known as sponge toffee, fairy candy or honeycomb candy.

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