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Thread: doughy pancakes

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    doughy pancakes

    I made pumpkin pancakes cooked them all the way, but they are still doughy, any suggestions?

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    Hi vlourenco and welcome!

    If the pancakes are still doughy in the center, they need to be cooked a bit longer, until they're no longer doughy!

    It may be that the batter needs a little thinning with some milk or buttermilk. This will make the pancakes thinner and they'll cook more quickly.
    Turn up the dial slightly for thinner pancakes, or reduce heat for thicker ones, to give them a chance to bake through.

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    I agree with CM; thinner pancakes will cook through faster. A few further suggestions:

    I've found that pancakes and biscuits turn out best for me when the batter isn't mixed very long; perhaps in order to incorporate the pumpkin your batter is being overmixed?

    Another thing that can help lighten a pancake is the tempura trick, substituting club soda for liquid in the batter.

    As a last suggestion, you might try a cottage cheese batter as your base. In my experience this produces very fluffy results, with a little tangyness that might complement pumpkin well, though I've never tried adding pumpkin to it myself.

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