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Thread: soaking dry pinto beans

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    soaking dry pinto beans

    what is the best way to cook dry beans? i have been told to soak and not to soak. what say you?

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    soaking dry pinto beans

    I have a baked bean recipe, and it says to soak them overnight. As no one has ever told me what overnight means in terms of hours, I have never done that. My grandmother always just parboiled the beans before baking, and now that's what I do. It's all according to what time you have or want to spend I guess.
    To par boil the beans, put them in a dish that's good for stove top or oven and has a cover. Cover them with water and bring to a boil. Continue boiling until the skins on the beans crack. I take a spoon full of them and gently blow on them. If the skins crack and peel back, they are ready for more ingredients and the oven. However, DO NOT use salt until just before serving. Salt will make the beans stay hard and not cook correctly
    Hope this all helps.

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    soaking dry pinto beans

    I never soak my dried beans. I simply rinse them about 3 times to remove all the dirt. Then I put them in my slow cooker along with a diced onion and some salt and cover with water and cook on LOW for about 8 hours. They come out perfectly every time.

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    You can either bring the beans to a boil and let them soak for a few hours or you can do it the old-fashioned way and soak them overnight. Either way you'll have similar results in cooking time.

    But there may be an advantage to soaking them overnight. When you soak the beans, starting off with lukewarm (not hot) water, and the beans absorb water, it triggers enzymes that the beans, being alive and dormant, signal to allow the bean to sprout and break through their shell. This enzyme can help digest some of the inedible elements of the bean to soften them in preparation for sprouting, and like other forms of fermentation, may help make them more digestible for you, too.

    In days past when dried beans were a steady part of the diet, a cup of the bean soaking water was reserved so that it could be used to "inoculate" the soaking water for the next batch of beans.

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