• Twinkies® Celebrates 80 Sweet Years

    Apr 6, 2010 07:00 ET -- Hostess(R) Salutes an American Icon as the Twinkie(R) Celebrates 80 Sweet Years

    IRVING, Texas, April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The iconic Hostess® Twinkie®, one of the sweetest stars to ever grace the American snack cake stage, is celebrating its 80th anniversary - capping a remarkable journey that has spanned television and film, given rise to urban legends, and, by presidential decree, come to represent an "object of enduring American symbolism."

    Here's to the "best darn tootin' idea" Hostess bakery manager James Dewar - a.k.a. "Grandpa Twinkie" - had that fateful day in Chicago in 1930.

    Here's to the American ingenuity that put idle shortcake pans to work when strawberries weren't in season to produce a two-for-a-nickel Depression era treat.

    Here's to Howdy Doody, Archie Bunker, Homer Simpson and countless others whom have helped to make Twinkies an enduring part of our pop culture.

    Here's to the hundreds of thousands of people who have baked Twinkies over the years, from Margaret Branco, an original "Twinkie Stuffer," who filled the sponge cakes one by one using a special foot-pedal operated machine to ensure just enough filling was added, to the thousands of Hostess employees who have perfected the art.

    Here's to the dozens of contributors who lent their culinary talents to The Twinkies Cookbook, an inventive and unexpected recipe collection featuring everything from Twinkie Pancakes to Twinkie Burritos and, lest we forget, an astonishing chapter devoted to "Twinkies and Meat."

    And most of all, here's to the millions of Twinkie lovers everywhere, who continue to enjoy the tried, true and timeless treat to the tune of half a billion Twinkies a year.

    Twinkies by the Numbers:

    -- 500 million: The number of Twinkies baked each year.
    -- 10: The minutes it takes to bake a Twinkie.
    -- 1930: The year James Dewar invented the two-for-a-nickel treat.
    -- 150: The number of calories in one Twinkie.
    -- 50: The number of recipes in the Twinkies Cookbook.
    -- 7: The number of Twinkies needed to make the "Patriotic Twinkie Pie"
    recipe in the Twinkies Cookbook.
    -- 1: The rank of New Orleans in terms of per capita Twinkie consumption
    compared to other cities in the U.S.
    -- 1999: The year President Bill Clinton included Twinkies in the
    millennium time capsule.
    -- 26 days: The shelf life of a Twinkie.

    Got a great Twinkie tale to share? Want to shout out a sweet salute? Follow Twinkies on Twitter at http://twitter.com/Hostess_Snacks. For more information about Twinkies or other Hostess products visit www.hostesscakes.com.

    Source: Hostess Brands, Inc.
    CONTACT: Casey DePalma or Hannah Arnold, +1-212-575-4545, Linden
    Alschuler & Kaplan, Inc. Public Relations

    Web Site: http://www.hostesscakes.com/

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