What to do with too much stuffing?!

I was wishing for someone to ask that question of; last week, when I joined this thing!
Well, I figured it out...You make a great thick crust for Turkey pot pies.
[Background story goes like this: planning on an easy meal for me and hubby ( a turkey breast, stuffing I had already made), his teenage son decides to move in with us...need a bigger meal!! They buy a turkey (frozen, prebasted, and pre-stuffed...GASP!)
I would never do that! I am a "free-range, organic, do it all from scratch kinda gal".
SO, huge amounts of turkey PLUS huge amounts of 2 types of stuffings!!! Yikes!
Well, the boys liked the one i made the best . So to use up the other type that came in the pre-stuffed turkey, I made shells of small pies and filed it with a white sauce mixed with left-over gravy, sauted onion and mushroom (my home-grown shitakis), carrots, celeriac, peas, potatoes and of course, cooked and cubed turkey.
It was a HIT...I must say! They asked; "Hey, where did you get this? It's great!" My usual "left-over meals" are met with much less enthusiasm!!!

  1. leg of lamb

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    is a leg of lamb cooked covered or uncovered in the oven
    Answer; cook it uncovered Candi. Season with an herb rub and start it at a high heat (475F) for 10 min, then turn it down to 325F for however long it takes to come to the proper temperature on your meat thermometer. The fat covering of lamb keeps it basted and prevents drying. Good luck, Kathy