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    Music of Your Life

    Thread Starter: brigid

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    Raw Eggs

    Thread Starter: wimposa

    Attempting making Mayfair salad dressing. Which seems to be the same base as a Caesar dressing. Concerned with the raw eggs. Is this safe anymore &

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    Base Camp Lake Ontario NY

    Thread Starter: Captainrayr

    Well we ended our road trip at Lake Ontario and set up base camp. The internet is very slow and it took almost all day to do it but here is the start

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    Impossible Cheese Burger

    Thread Starter: rubyjay

    Cook's Recipes indicate there are Recipes for "Impossible cheeseburgers Without Bisquick" yet the recipes shown all use Bisquick.

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    Thread Starter: Mylastoy

    I made a polenta ...I chilled result overnight.. I wanted to fry it but the polenta was still very loose and creamy.
    How do I FIX IT ?? And how

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    Lost Butternut Bisque Recipe

    Thread Starter: mlucius316

    Ok, I can tell you what I remember. I first found it online in the fall of 2009. There were no onions, apples, carrots, sage, curry etc. in it. I remember

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    Bran muffins keep falling

    Thread Starter: alicejames

    I am trying to find out why my bran muffins keep falling in the center. I followed the recipe to the T and still they fell. I am using the BASIC OAT

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